Thursday, 2 August 2012


     Shiv-Swarodaya is one of the ancient knowledge of understanding and controlling breaths.  ‘Shiv’ means GOD, ‘Swar’ means breath & ‘Udaya’ means emergence.  So, Shiv-Swarodaya means the knowledge of breath that emerged from Lord Shiva.  This is a very rare knowledge which was hidden by the passage of time.   Very few of them knew and understood this and tried to bring it to the common layman so as to solve his day to day problems.

     Shiv-Swarodaya mostly dealt with ‘Nadi-Shashtra’, the study of Nadis (Veins).  Out of the 72,000 nadis in the human body, 24 nadis are the main & from that 10 are the most important one.  Only after knowing these important nadis, their flow of air, their elements, their destination in human body, he is qualified to understand & use Shiv-Swarodaya at the most.

     As per Shiv-Swarodaya our breath is the prior indicator of our work.  When we do any important work or any dealings, our breath tells us whether our work would be done successfully or not.  One who understands Shiv-Swarodaya thoroughly; he not only can act according to his breath but can also manipulate his breath to suit himself to success.  So, you see Shiv-Swarodaya can be regularly used by the common layman in his day to day life to eradicate the hurdles which he faces every now and then.  If he understands his breath before doing any work and act accordingly then there will be no failure in his life.  He will be full of confidence and his life would be blissful.

     This rare knowledge of Shiv-Swarodaya is being taught by one of the group under Mr. Jagdish Salian from Mumbai (Maharashtra - India).  They had been taking classes for quite a few years in Thane, Mumbai, Pune, Panchwad, Satara, (India) etc. in three languages in Hindi, Marathi & English.  Many of them had learned & are taking the benefit of Shiv-Swarodaya in their daily life; living a successful and blissful life.  This knowledge is a must for every human on earth to lead a happy progressive life.

To know more, you may Contact –

Jagdish salian : 9869642063 / 99306191730   (English, Hindi, Marathi)

Vijay Pawar : 9552460169 / 9764706909  (Hindi, Marathi)

Jaywant Pawar : 9423014971 / 8806906971 (Hindi, Marathi)





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